Personal training

Who’s tired of heading to the gym?

Beat PD is changing focus: I am offering online training that will allow me to see you (to work on form) and you to see me (and my demos of each drill or exercise). Because many PwPs find commuting to the gym difficult, I suspect this will be a win-win for most!

One-on-one personal training, where we can work on boxing technique, fitness specific to Parkinson’s or other goals, plus small-group training (up to 3 people), will continue to be offered.

Are you interested in a free session? I am looking for 5 Parkinson’s fighters to demo the bew system and comment on what they liked…or didn’t, so that we can offer the best possible experience.

Stay tuned for the scheduling URL, but in the meantime, you may send an email to learn more and schedule your session!