Wellness coaching

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The coaching, which is tied to Head Coach Karen’s certification training with Precision Nutrition, covers not only nutrition, but also exercise, sleep and stress management – all things crucial to maintaining anyone’s health, but especially important for PwPs. You get the standard, science-based Precision Nutrition curriculum, delivered every Monday via email, plus individualized email coaching from Coach Karen, that will integrate her expertise about Parkinson’s and your specific symptoms. You also get 2 30-minute phone calls every month.

The great thing about Precision Nutrition is that they focus on sustainable, strategic practices instead of meal plans and food and exercise logs, so the program can be adapted to any lifestyle, food preferences, food allergies, etc. Do you need a support system in order to get started? Invite your friends! The curriculum is meant for anyone: It’s only the coaching that is specific to each person’s needs.

Pricing is $179/mo for wellness coaching, and if you sign up for a year, you save 10% and pay only $1933. We recommend committing to the full 12 months to see results.

Note that the workout modules are not PD-specific, but can help you with other health concerns, including basic mobility, fat loss, muscle gain, and dealing with acute or chronic injuries. If you want PD-specific workout guidance, we do offer personal training in addition to our classes.

You’ll also be part of two private Facebook groups for people involved in the coaching program: One specific to people with Parkinson’s, and one that’s open to everyone. That way you have two cheering squads to help you develop new habits, including one that will understand how you have to balance health habits with Parkinson’s meds, etc.

Because the program is meant for anyone, you can boost your chances of success by joining with a friend or family member!

The program is a year long, and you can cancel at any time. But just remember, bad habits can be hard to break and good ones hard to start, so the experts in creating change suggest sticking with your new effort for 3 months or more.

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