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World Parkinson’s Day 2024

April 11th, aka World Parkinson’s Day, is here. What are some ways to commemorate the day? Connect with your favorite PwP (person with Parkinson’s)A frequent refrain from people who are battling PD is that the disease can be isolating. Between mobility issues, fatigue and the plethora of other symptoms, getting out and about is sometimes…

Graphic of quote from Christina Rasmussen: How many selves have you been since your loss?

Coming to terms with loss of identity

Grief isn’t just about death – it’s part of losing anything, and for many of us, it can include a loss of our identity. Have you ever felt lost when something rapidly shifted in your life and you had to discover new ways to navigate? Living with Parkinson’s can mean losing one’s identity on multiple levels.

Snowboarder Karen Johanson at the top of the mountain with sun shining in the background

Move for Parkinson’s!

Anyone interested in moving for a good cause? I just created a team for Move for Parkinson’s Day, which is a fundraiser for NW Parkinson’s Foundation on May 7th, which was my dad’s b-day. He had Parkinson’s. I’m not sure what type of movement I’ll be doing yet: Snowboarding? Biking? Yoga? You can choose literally…

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Books to beat PD

Battling Parkinson’s is a 24/7 regimen that requires access to the best education, the best tools and the best experts. Here are a few of our favorite books. Parkinson’s Education from the Experts 10 Breakthrough Therapies for Parkinson’s Disease Brain Storms: The Race to Unlock the Mysteries of Parkinson’s Disease Dropping the P Bomb Everything…

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Beat the freeze

15 ways to just say no to standing still when faced with a freezing episode… If you’re in a boxing class, try counting out punches when freezing happens – either 1234 or actual punch combo numbers. Lift up your hands to the side while breathing in, then just let them drop. Repeat 2 or 3 times….


Getting zzzzzs

Sleeping soundly is an experience that is lost to many people with Parkinson’s. But there are all-natural options – especially important when you’re already juggling bottles and bottles of meds. Dr. Sara Gottfried is a physician who has spent years exploring the impact of hormones on health, who has discovered lifestyle hacks – instead of…

TRX and rings in gym

TRX for PwP

Ever wonder why people at the gym were training with those yellow-and-black straps? Maybe you thought the exercises looked easy? Wrong. They are more challenging, more fun and more effective — especially for balance, core strength and flexibility — than most people even imagine! Whether I had you at challenging, fun or effective, you owe…


Post-workout recovery

Everyone needs help with recovery after workouts, but Parkinson’s adds a special twist to the mix of your options. Recouping your stores of glycogen — responsible for performance in the gym and beyond — is commonly achieved by consuming carbs and protein within 30 minutes post-workout, but but then there’s the issue of protein not…

Traveling with friends

Surviving summertime travel

Basics for traveling with Parkinson’s: A letter from your neurologist identifying your diagnosis. This can help you avoid awkward scenarios where you are perceived as being under the influence. Meds. On you, not in your checked luggage. Listen to your body. Book with a travel agent who understands the challenges of traveling with disabilities. Carpe…